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  Anything but country   All types of music (not to much into rap)   Mj   Nugging   'good day'   Rock    hip hop
Soft music   Melodies    pop   
  Scary-paranormal    thriller    action    comedy   Action    horror    scifi
drama   300   Exhausted   Drama   Romantic   
  Not much - use to watch bones & house a lot   Action    horror    scifi    dram   'just do it'   
  Religious history    sci-fi/fantasy    fetish   Educational   My glorious days   Splendours   
 Video Games
  Pc games    old school video games   Appshub   
 Night Clubs / Bars
  Not really   
  Watch hockey   Golf   Horse riding   Surfing   Bike racing   
  Anything that doesn't make me cry or sea urchin   Italian    american    mexican   Chineese   Seafood   Non veg
 Vacation Spots
  Open   Alabama   
  Alabama   London   

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